Animate a Digital Story


In this project, you will create a digital story in the style of a cartoon or animated comic strip using Google Slides.

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner

  1. You will learn about writing conventions and watch sample stories as a source of inspiration.
  2. Next, you will apply your creativity to construct your own story using text boxes, images, callouts, starbursts, and word art.
    • You will learn how to insert transitions between slides to divide the scenes.
    • You will learn how to use animation applied to objects to sequence the timing of events.
  3. Upon completion, you will publish the digital story as a link with the slides set to play automatically.
    • Challenging extension activities will be assigned such as advanced animation techniques, collaborative peer-editing, or screencasting.

Course Instructor

KO KO Author



Wk. 15 – View Sample Digital Stories

Wk. 19 – Add Transitions and Animations

Wk. 22 – Begin the Animation Process

Wk. 23 – Screencast to Make a Video