Have you ever had an image that you WISH you could remove the background? Now you can! The best part is, it is REALLY easy and FREE!

To get started, open your Chrome browser. Next, in the URL address bar type remove.bg and hit enter.

Removebg’s homepage will open and in very large print you will see Remove Image Background 100% Automatically and Free! Though they offer the ability to create an account, you do not have to. To get started all you have to do is click on the blue button that says Upload Image. (Shown in the red box below.)

Now if your looking to remove the background from an image, chances are you already have the image. It is either in your downloads folder OR you have saved it to a specific location. If not, no worries… let’s do that now. Open a new Chrome browser tab and search for an image. Make sure when searching, you always change the Usage Rights to Creative Commons Licenses to avoid plagiarism.

Click on the image you wish to use, then click again on the image which appears on the right to open the page where it is located. Some images will let you simply right click, then choose Save image as. Other images may belong to a personal page and though they are offering an image for free, they still may require you to create an account with them before you are allowed to use their photos. If that is the case, it is usually simple enough to enter your email and then you will be on your way. Most sites that require a registration will have a Download image option once you have registered. Either way, go ahead now and choose an image to save. For PC people, it will likely save in your Pictures folder. If you are working on a Chromebook, the image will default to the Files, Downloads folder. I recommend you save it in a safe location. Chromebooks do not have the storage capacity to store images locally so it is wise to save them elsewhere. To do so, first create a folder in your Google Drive named Pictures or Images. When the Files, Downloads pop-up window opens, simply drag the image to the Pictures folder you created for safe keeping. With the image saved on your device, you are now ready to get that background removed!

Images saved on a PC default to Downloads, but you should move them to a Pictures folder location for easy access.
Images saved default to My files, Downloads on a Chromebook

Ok so you have an image saved on your computer… it is time to upload it to remove.bg. From the homepage of remove.bg, click on the blue button that says Upload Image, you will be prompted to select an image. On both a Chromebook or a PC it will open a pop-up window. Navigate to the folder where the image is saved.

Once you click the image to upload, the rest is MAGIC. Remove.bg automagically removes the background leaving the main focus of the image available for download! *disclaimer: Not all images backgrounds will remove perfectly. If that happens, there is an Edit feature that you can use to remove the remaining bits.

Ok so you have the background removed, now what? Now it is time to save this transparent background image so you can use it anywhere and everywhere! Saving the transparent image is just like saving the image we saved previously. First you will click the big blue Download button. Your image will by default save to your downloads folder on both a PC and also a Chromebook. Once downloaded, click on the image to open it. Right click on the image to save to a preferred location so you can easily find it later. This image is now ready to be used on any project with a completely different background or scenery! See example below:

From the original…
To this…
Then onto a new project!